Big Fish

I remain a fan of film maker Tim Burton. A favorite movie is Big Fish. According to IMDb… ‘A frustrated son tries to determine the fact from fiction in his dying father's life’. The movie is a fantastical journey. It reminds me of my life in design so far. My journey has been diversified, humbling, weird, educational, inspirational, sometimes stressful, always eventful, and above all — just like the ending of Big Fish — rewarding. From print-to-digital and all the amazing story telling vehicles in between I have approached every project with a consistent cold eye toward pin-point creative execution; dedicated problem solving; and platinum-worthy quality. With a lot of twist and turns in the compilation, below are two books (Food & Beverage, Brand Building) that reflect my style, skill set and experiences. Oh yeah, and a great brand essence video.  

Advance Ohio Brand Essence Video

Kurt Valenta - Creative Director
Jude Goergen - Director / Animator
David Purpera - Content Development / Writer
Creative Direction
Story Telling